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QUESTION : how does network playing work ?

Using this app I am really asking myself if I made a if it can do what I'd like to do. Maybe I am getting it completely wrong, but I simply can't figure out how to use this over network...

SO here is the thing. 

I have an "old" smartphone.  Let's call it phone Red. 
That phone has USB Player Pro installed on it. 
I have plugged it into a USB-C adapter. 
The USB-C adapter allows it to be connected to Network over Ethernet. 
The USB-C is also connected into a DAC. 

If I launch USB Player Pro and ask it to retrieve music from the UPnP server, it can play music without any problem. 

Now what I would like to do is to remote control USB Player Pro from another device (let's call it Phone Blue). 

But I am totally unable to achieve that. 
The apps I am using can detect the player (USB Red) over the network. 
But when I try to stream music to that USB Red it simply says "Timeout error" or something like that. 

All remote apps do the same : BubbleUPnP, Hi-Fi Cast, mConnect...

Besides I am wondering : how does that work. 
If I hook up Phone Blue and see a UPnP Library and ask that app to play to a remote device, will it send the file to the remote device directly of will it first retrieve the file and then send it to the remote device ? 

If those questions could find an answer and if I would so be able to use that old phone as a streamer, I'd be super happy. 

Thanks in advance for you answers. 


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QUESTION : how does network playing work ? - by EmbyPenguin - 04-12-2022, 06:30 AM

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