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DTS-HD Master Audio playback/conversion/???
Hello, i'm using UAPP for many years now and (still) love and also recommend it (even to high end audio lovers - i'm one of them)

Please help: how does UAPP treat DTS-HD Master Audio audio tracks within MKV files (Blu-ray Audio ripped to MKV file)?

Sep. 16 will be the release date of Pink Floyd's 2018 mix of the Animals album.
The BD will include two stereo versions of the album (no interest in the surround mix), but they will be coded in DTS-HD Master, i.e. there is no classic PCM file version.

AFAIK, in the end this format keeps the uncompressed (analogue to PCM encoded?) digital music data, so there should be a way to convert these (lossless!?!) to PCM-wav/flac.
Will UAPP do that automatically?

My configuration:
stereo audio files on Android media player (HDD) => UAPP => USB => integrated amp with PCM DAC Texas Instruments PCM1792 (24bits/192kHz)

Thank you!

Best regards,

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DTS-HD Master Audio playback/conversion/??? - by Ecki - 09-03-2022, 08:12 PM

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