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Mackie or HUI Controller Support?

While mapping a midi controller CC changes to the midi controller options in settings works, it lacks a certain level of finesse provided by a standard control protocol such as Mackie Control or (less so) HUI.

For example, I work solo.  Being able to use a small fader interface for levels, metering, track selection, track arming, mute/solo/level control, transport and zoom (horizontal and vertical).  With AEM this is more effective with a mouse or trackpad, but could be better with controller support.

Cubasis3 does this pretty well but does not support the meters (on my Behringer XTouch1).  Auria support is a bit less, but meter support is included.  Both allow me to track myself with less stretching, reaching and twisting to touch the iPad, positioned for clear line of sight more than as an ergonomic workstation.

I’d be curious if the community would find this helpful, or am I just an old school fader junkie who needs to evolve…. ;-)


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