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Playlist issue with FiiO M11 Plus LTD
As I was preparing to send in a problematic playlist to as per the above request in this thread, I decided to start fresh by deleting all exported playlists I currently had on both the FiiO and PC.  I also did a deep dive into all the settings available in MediaMonkey where I found that I could totally eliminate the need to edit the M3Us exported by automatically changing the path, encoding and EOL to Unix/Linux format.

I copied the newly exported M3U to the UAPP Playlists folder on the FiiO.  When I started UAPP, I found the M3U in the Playlist view as a Read-Only and clicked on it.  UAPP parsed the playlist and asked me if I wanted to save it in UAPP format.  I clicked OK and then clicked on the newly created playlist.  Much to my surprise, it opened a list of tracks as it should.  The tracks can be played directly, added to the queue or added to another playlist.  Best, they don't disappear, as before, when moving to the Library or other views.

I compared this new exported M3U to a previously edited version of this same M3U to see why the new one worked and the old didn't, but I couldn't finding a single character difference !  I'm at a total loss as to why it's now working and for over 2 weeks it didn't.  However, while I can finally import M3U playlists again, all is still not perfect.

I've now imported 62 M3U playlists into UAPP and discovered that 20 of them are missing tracks once on the FiiO.  I'm slowly going through each UAPP playlist to identify what tracks are missing, then determining why.  While a few were due to issues in MediaMonkey, many were dropped when parsed by UAPP because the track name included letters with diacritical marks such as those in Piña, Für and Coppélia.  I have yet to determine the cause for several other track names without obvious issues.  However, in every case, I was able to manually add the tracks to the playlist they were missing from using the Tracks view.

Overall, while the main playlist issue I was having has been resolved, there are still some minor issues that require work-arounds to fully utilize the UAPP playlist feature.

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