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Use phone at band practice but mix on PC?
(03-18-2023, 11:50 PM)dsteinschneider Wrote: I really like the overall GUI and recording workflow on the phone but its screen is small and no mouse and keyboard is awkward. 

I have many options and want to get feedback here. 

I have synced to Google Drive - I see the project folders. I could then sync projects to a Samsung 10" tablet that has an audio interface connected. I suspect that might be the best way to mix after recording tracks in a rehearsal space with the phone. 

I can just use the .wav files as stems and bring them into Reaper. 

I'm also looking into remote control of the phone from a PC and I saw an android emulator for games.

Any comments appreciated in advance.

I use this software on an ancient ASUS TF700T with a 10.1" touch screen. I find that size pretty good for recording as it allows me to see a lot more than on a small screen phone.
Like you, I am hoping to split up the process... recording on the ASUS, then transfer the project files to a PC on which I run another copy of AEM in BlueStacks.

I have tried two emulators, Virtual Box and BlueStacks. The latter runs AEM beautifully and promises to make the mixing and mastering on the PC a lot more comfortable.  I am currently recording another song with AEM on the ASUS tablet and once I have all tracks recorded to my satisfaction, I will finalise the song on AEM running in BlueStacks. Give me another month or so to report on the latter :)

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