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Problems with the low latency

Could somebody help me with such a thing....

I want to connect to my Audio Evolution Mobile (Android):

1) Arturia Minilab MK II
2) Fender Mustang Micro

Android 12 phone - UGREEN USB-C HUB - Arturia keyboard in USB_1 (as midi) + Fender in USB_2 (usb to usb).

When I start AEM application with both of the devices connected, creating a new project (44100) and trying to add a "New Track" - I do not see Fender in the list of inputs for the track. But I can add Arturia MIDI track and the keyboard will work with a Low latency option with no delays.

When I start application with just Arturia connected it also works for Arturia. But then I connect Fender, app see it asking the rights to control the device, but in "Add new Track" there is no Fender. Even if create a new project.

When I start app with just Fender connected and creating a new project (44100) everything works fine, I see Fender in the list of inputs, but after that when I connect Arturia and trying to add MIDI Track, there are some errors with the latency (picture attached). It works but with the delay.

The strange thing is that both devices works for 44100 one by one, even Arturia works well in 44100 project with no delays. But in the error message AEM says that sample rate for Arturia Low latency should be 48000. I tried to change project sample rate to 48000, but Arturia plays strange loud sounds. So only the 44100 works well for Arturia and Fender. 

The idea is to play and possibly record both devices simultaneously with no delays.

If you have any ideas is it possible or not, what I do wrong etc please help me with your ideas.

Thank you

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