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MIDI Questions
Thanks. I must have misunderstood you when you said this?:

Quote:Arm the track and press record: if you don't have a USB MIDI controller connected, a virtual MIDI keyboard will be displayed and you can record MIDI notes/events using that (or arm the track and press the left part of the button on the mixer channel where you see a small keyboard displayed so you can play it before actually recording)

That's why I tried to find the virtual keyboard with no USB MIDI controller connected.

Did you mean an audio card with no MIDI? Or an audio card with MIDI but no keyboard plugged into the MIDI port?

Here are the four configurations I am trying:

- Nothing plugged into the USB port
- Behringer UCA222 (no MIDI)
- Edirol UA-25 audio/midi interface, with external synth plugged into MIDI output
- Akai LPK25 USB MIDI keyboard (no audio)

In each case (except the first) the device is recognized. In the case of the last two, a MIDI device is seen. In NONE of those configurations do I ever see any virtual midi keyboard icon on the screen after I create and arm a USB MIDI track.

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