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Questions about MQA
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First of all thanks a lot for this great app Biggrin

My device is the Fiio R7 and i try to have MQA playback directly on the device without the additional effort
of USB playback trickery.

As i am new to MQA and digital music formats, i still have to understand some stuff. The Fiio R7 shall support MQA 8x unfolding.
But when i use the tidal app, it shows master while playback but the fiio Leds get yellow but not magenta. In the upper status
bar i get 88Khz or 96Khz but no MQA symbol. What a dissapointment at first. Undecided 

Then after some reading i found and bought uapp with MQA decoder plugin. Uapp said internal decoding on this device is supported and
the sound is amazing. I still have some questions:

1.) Do i have the best decoding quality possible?
2.) Are the differences between status bar and Uapp regarding sample rate because of Uapps android audio bypassing?

[Image: Unbenannt-Sharpen-AI-Motion.jpg]

Thanks a lot in advance for enlightening me.


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