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Qobuz, or greater incorporation of bubbleupnp
(11-06-2015, 05:49 PM)dwrae Wrote: We have tried recently using Tidal and Dropbox, it worked fine. Did you actually select BubbleUPnP as DLNA server inside UAPP (with BubbleUPnP running in the background)? If so, did you see the list of services like Dropbox inside UAPP?

After selecting BubbleUPNP as a DLNA server within UAPP, I am indeed given the options of Google Drive (which I use), as well as OneDrive, Dropbox, and some others (which I don't use).  When then selecting Google Drive, UAPP gives up a message 'Remote access is disabled in Settings > Local Media Server'--except that settings reflect that access is enabled.  These can be played using the BubbleUPNP app.

There are no listings for Qobuz or Tidal from within UAPP, but these are accessible and playable directly through BubbleUPNP (without the ability to play directly to my ifi iDSD).

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