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Some important hints!
after having used your great player for several weeks, I found some hints that would improve the user experience:

1) after having played an album of an Artist, if you press the orange button, you find yourself somewhere in the Artist list, while you would expect to be back to the Album list of THAT Artist you was listening;

2) if an album is in "flac" format, the songs are listed in alphabetical order, not in the correct order. This is REALLY annoying, since you have to re-order them by hand, song by song ...

3) there should be an indicator (led?) on the main screen to show if the EQ is on/off and/or a switch to turn it on/off: sometimes it happensĀ to forget to EQ on (after having listened for example to a live album), and the only way to check it is to open the EQ settings. That's quite boring too.

4) it would be VERY useful to have an option for binding a particular EQ to an album: after having found the best equalization for that album,you can save it, and that EQ is automatically applied to that album. If you have a library with many albums this is a MUST, I think!

my best, ste

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