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Usability really needs to improve
As replied on Head-Fi:

Thank you for your feedback! The app originated as a basic USB audio recorder and have been evolving it to a full media player over time. Updates happen continuously and we even hired extra people recently to add features to UAPP even faster.

Let's go through some of your points:
* DSD is no PCM format and indeed one cannot apply software volume to a 1-bit stream, unless you disable DoP in the app's settings: then it gets converted to PCM first before audio is sent to the DAC. If your DAC does have hardware volume control, then we suggest to always use that since using software volume will affect resolution and therefore, quality.

* When unpausing the track, it should continue playback from where you pressed pause. With over 10000 UAPP users, if this was not correct, our email box would have been full of complaints, which it isn't, so please contact us by email at info AT if you have a reproducible case.

* Could you please elaborate on text wrapping
* We have added the display of the current path on top now. It will be available in next release

* "-when opening another screen e.g 'playlists' when the current one is 'local folder', playback stops, even before doing anything with the playlists [and the same with other screens]. Playback should continue until a new track is actually selected for play." We have a working solution internally but it needs some further testing. Probably by the end of the week.

* We are working on some other points you mentioned

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