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Huawei P7/Android 4.4.2/Build: P7-L10V100R001C00B177 works wrong
I have just downloaded USB Audio Player Pro this early morning.
And loaded on Huawei Android Smartphone: P7 software is Japanese latest version
Android 4.4.2 / build:P7-L10V100R001C00B177 which has been announced as the latest
for Japanese P7 version.

And I have connected to my USB DAC,
(1) Interface chip is Amanero Combo384. This chip converts USB data into I2S data.
(2) I2S data was reproduced by ESS 9023 DAC chip.

At least upto 192KHz24bit , I have checked this DAC with line up of LINUX systems as USB
class compliant audio DAC.

And I have prepared OTG cable and external power supply , then connected all on
OTG cable with P7.
When I turned on USB Audio Pro, it showed USB device recognized,And then when I 
specified 192KHz24bit source ( source 192KHz24bit flac), it had started the reproduction.
(a) Very Noisy , some music was played I heard but distorted.
(b) And FUNNY, not only noise it seems somewhat up-tempo (faster than specified)
I guessed this might be dur to 192KHz source, so I had switched to 44.1KHz16bit CD ripped source.
Still (a) noisy (b) somewhat faster tempo than expected.

Why? P7 with USB AUdio Player Pro does not support  Amanero Combo384 ?
Amanero Combo 384 I/F is now one of the deFact standard for high resolution/sampling rate
USB audio interface (or XMOS Ux?).
I am now guessing P7 does not USB Audio device if its OS version is 4.4 or around.If so I have to wait for next OS release?
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
And I will check with ASUS XONAR U7 later.

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