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External MIDI controller and synth
First off, I'd like to say a HUGE well done to the developers on making Audio Evolution Mobile. Having previously read the various articles describing Android's depressing audio situation, I was absolutely blown away to see what this app can do. Playing a virtual instrument - with effects - in real-time with almost zero latency via an external MIDI controller - amazing! And then multi-channel audio recording on top, unbelievable.

OK, so I'm using a MIDI keyboard as a controller via USB, through a hub with a UR242 audio/MIDI interface also on the hub (both recognised, see Gear Bit below) I've got a controller-less synth (Novation Supernova) via old-school MIDI DIN leads on the UR242 MIDI in/out. I've got MIDI out on the Supernova connected to MIDI in on the UR242 so I can record controller movements (e.g. the filter cutoff knob).

* My problem: I can't figure out how to 'live' play the Supernova from my MIDI keyboard, via Audio Evolution, even though I can 'live' play an armed SF2 virtual MIDI track when I have the correct MIDI input assigned (I've purchased MIDI and USB audio on Audio Evolution, and this is all working fine in general).

What I've tried:

- Creating a USB MIDI track and assigning its output to the Supernova USB MIDI output.
- Assigning the track's MIDI input to the USB input of the controller keyboard.
- I can then see MIDI data from the keyboard in the 'VU meter' when the track is armed, but no sound comes from the Supernova.
- I can record this MIDI data 'deaf'; it shows up in the arrange window and piano-roll editor afterwards.
- I can then rewind, press play and hear the Supernova responding to the MIDI notes I've just recorded 'deaf' onto the track, so MIDI output is working to the Supernova and on that track.
- I've tried connecting the controller keyboard MIDI out to the MIDI in of the Supernova, and I can play the Supernova then, so there's no channel weirdness going on there (I cycled through the receive channels on the Supernova also just to check)
- I've also checked that MIDI recording from both interfaces is working, by assigning the track's MIDI input to the Supernova's MIDI in and can successfully record filter controller movements made on the device (i.e. can play them back and they take effect on the Supernova's sound)
- I've tried playing with the various combinations of the MIDI thru settings in Preferences, but that doesn't seem to change things.

Hopefully I'm missing something really RTFM, as I'd love to be able to play the Supernova from the keyboard and have it recorded.

I appreciate that playing one external device via another will be limited to when a MIDI track is armed for now; though if that could be put on the wishlist for another version that would be even better :-)

Thanks for any assistance anyone can give (and thanks again for an amazing app),


[Gear Bit below - please reply if there's a better place for this that I didn't see, and I'll move it]

MIDI: I tried the app with a USB-OTG connector, linking  to a Yamaha PSR-S750 keyboard (with no hub or extra power). That worked on my Samsung Note 8.0 and Note 10.1 (2012 edition). Input and output of MIDI data works great. The keyboard is also still functioning as a USB MIDI device in conjunction with a powered USB hub and the UR242 USB audio device (see below).

Audio/MIDI: I tried an M-AUDIO M-Track Quad 4-input interface (with MIDI and USB hub). Couldn't get this recognised on either my Samsung Note 8.0 or Note 10.1 (2012) tablets, even using a powered hub and Y-splitter OTG cable with added power. Returned it to Amazon for a refund and got a:

Steinberg UR242: this worked first time on my Samsung Note 8.0, with and without a powered hub, via a normal OTG cable, no extra power added. Did not work on my Samsung Note 10.1 (2012), even with a powered hub or powered OTG. MIDI and audio all work perfectly on the Note 8.0. Audio Evolution Mobile recognises the audio inputs, outputs and MIDI.

As an aside in case it's useful for anyone, the UR242 has some basic built-in DSP effects configured via VSTs or a standalone 'dspMixFx' Windows app. Conveniently, once configured/enabled, the effects continue operating even when the device is disconnected from a USB host. So, I can setup gain and basic effects for my guitar with the Windows app, and either use the UR242 as a headphone/line amp for the guitar, or (and this is nice) play and record guitar into Audio Evolution Mobile with basic effects already applied.

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