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roughly the 1st second of every track is fading in
(06-30-2016, 12:04 PM)dwrae Wrote: You can try disabling the option 'Free USB bandwidth after playback'.

Works like a charm, thank you sir!

Having said that, I will only disable this option during A/B testing. I am sure it servers a greater purpose and I don't see why I should bypass it on account of Mojo's decision to use a "fade in" effect.

Now sir... could you please also build in such an option for Windows (7 Enterprise)?  Tongue I was shocked to note the same issue with my office's workstation. I am 98% sure it doesn't happen with my private Notebook running Win 10 (will triple-check tonight).

But darn, if this isn't proof that the "feature" is from Mojo and NOT UAPP, I don't know what is Wink

Awesome App  Heart  - please keep up the good work! Cool
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