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Queue Dependency
First of all, thanks for all your hard work with the app so far - UAPP is the best sounding music player on Android bar none, and the usability is definitely getting there!

My gripes, however...:

So, 1.)  With every other player I've used you don't need to clear the current queue before you choose to play a different selection of music, it's essentially handled for you.  By that I mean that if I put on shuffle and find something I like, then head into the 'media selection' window and choose an album to play, I can only add it to the current queue. I'm quite used to having a 'Play' option for any Artist, Album or Track (or Genre etc. etc.) which stops the currently playing song, clears the queue, and starts playing whatever you've selected.
It sounds minor, having to clear the queue, find the music you want, then add it to the queue, then go back and start playback, but it simply should be easier and quicker to do, especially when other players naturally have this option, seemingly across the board.

2.) The only way I can find to 'Shuffle Play All' is to switch to Folder view, and choose my entire SD Card, which seems clunky, plays a lot of random sound files and ignores my internal storage. I also know that 'Party Play' is an option, but I'm afraid it's not the same thing, and the song limit becomes tedious quickly. On top that, the double tap shuffle shortcut doesn't seem very intuitive, and only works half the time for me....
Again, every other music player I've used has a simple button for this purpose - what about a shuffle icon FAB on the media selection screen, or an extra line at the top of each Artist/Album/Songs list called 'All' with the normal 'Add to Queue'/'Play'(hopefully) options?

Minor quibble - most other players split up their Artist/Album/Song filters using tabs in the Action Bar or similar - would you consider doing that instead of a clunky drop down selection box?
And finally - the play and media selection windows (as I'll call them) are appearing as two separate activities within my Recents screen - a little unsettling as they shouldn't really be classed as separate apps...

Again, you've done really really well so far, so keep up the good work!  Others have already mentioned usability issues, and they're almost unavoidable when you have such a fully-featured app, but with some minor UI changes you could really make this app unmissable, and stop me switching between my other music players!!


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