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Queue Dependency
(04-27-2016, 04:49 PM)warmth Wrote: 2.) The only way I can find to 'Shuffle Play All' is to switch to Folder view, and choose my entire SD Card, which seems clunky, plays a lot of random sound files and ignores my internal storage. I also know that 'Party Play' is an option, but I'm afraid it's not the same thing, and the song limit becomes tedious quickly. On top that, the double tap shuffle shortcut doesn't seem very intuitive, and only works half the time for me....
Again, every other music player I've used has a simple button for this purpose - what about a shuffle icon FAB on the media selection screen, or an extra line at the top of each Artist/Album/Songs list called 'All' with the normal 'Add to Queue'/'Play'(hopefully) options?

Please let me try to understand this.
Assuming your songs are all in Music, why not select the Music folder, then 'Play all' and then shuffle (once)?

Furthermore, since party play should queue over 100 songs, I don't see how the song limit becomes tedious quickly?

Please elaborate on the 'double tap shuffle only works half the time'?

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