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Recording with cable from analog mixer
(05-08-2016, 12:26 PM)dwrae Wrote: If you have an analogue mixer, then you would need a USB audio interface to record properly on your S6. Since it's line level, we suggest something like a Lexicon Alpha if you want something affordable. An USB audio in-app purchase is required, which costs around 4.99 euro.
For more information on USB audio and our driver, please see here:

and here:
Hello and thanks for your quick response, I bought and installed '' Audio Evolution Pro '' on my Samsung s6 edge plus with the latest version of Marshmallow.
In Audio Evolution Pro  option/ audio /audio input / I saw the bluetooth option is perhaps posibile send from my mixer analog input signal via bluetooth?

I Also appreciate your advice about Lexicon Alpha ... is very nice device but the power ??? should be from S6 or maybe is possible a double otg cable for audio trasmission and power supply.
Thanks again for help

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