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audio recording Steinberg UR22mkII and "glitch"
Hello all,

First of all i wanted to thank you for this great application and ancourage you in your work !

I've purchased the application with usb audio and midi features.

nvidia shield operating system:
android 6 Marshmallow

Here the list of the hardware:
-nvidia shield tegra K1 (4 CPU 2,2Ghz, 2 Go memory) new generation:
-Samsung micro SD class 10 64 Go:
-Steinberg UR22 mkII usb audio interface, connected to additional alimentation (+5v):
-USB midi keyboard Akai LPK25:
-I use your eXtream drivers
-one usb OTG cable

All works great, midi recording and audio recording

But..because there is always a "but"...

When i listen to the project (actually 4 midi tracks, 4 recording audio  tracks) i encounter some "glitch" (i'm french hard to explain) like "interferences" that appears periodically, regular intervals. same during recording.

This "interferences" aren't recording , the waves are clean.

When i shut down steinberg audio sound card and i listen the project with the default audio interface (the nvidia shield audio interface), i haven't these interferences

I've updated the steinberg usb interface with the last firmware:

As we can see on this link:

There is a windows driver update (v1.9.8)

With this bug correction:
V1.9.6 to V1.9.8
- Solved some minor problems.
- Solved the following problems:
  • ・Audio loss may occur depending on the user environment.
  • ・Audio may distort after some period of time.
This last point (bold) is exactly the problem i encounter on the android device when i listen to the project with the UR22 mkII sound card

here the link to the driver download page (v1.9.8):

I did test on fruityloops and cubase on my computer and i haven't any trouble.
The sound card is new (purchased friday 21/05/2016)

thanks in advance for you advices

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