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audio recording Steinberg UR22mkII and "glitch"
Hello !
big thanks for your answer !
I will try it tonight after working day and i will come back here for return about my test ;-)

Anyway my shield isn't anymore rooted, it didn't solved any troubles so restored it from stock, is it a problem or your patch works without rooted system ?

In the last update of the nvidia shield tablet K1 (version 1.3) it seems that they provide a big update for audio performances:

"This update for SHIELD Tablet K1 contains important system enhancements & bug fixes, including:

SHIELD Tablet K1 now meets Android 6.0 Professional Audio requirements, including:
Low Latency Audio (<20ms continuous round trip)
USB Host & Peripheral modes
24-bit@192kHz Stereo & 7.1 HDMI output
MIDI support over USB & Bluetooth LE"

I did update today and i will try tonight

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