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Network Failure - Network name cannot be found
I added a server/folder in "Network" of USBAPP.
It was working fine.

But since then, I have moved the drive to another NAS, so that network location is no longer available on my network.

Now, when I select "Network", I get the error:
"Network failure - The network name cannot be found."

That's correct because the server is no longer available.

But, I can't delete that server entry. I can't add another network location either.

If I click on the network location in the list, nothing happens. 

Where do I delete or change the Network server address if the existing server is no longer available?

Am I missing some way to delete or edit the Network folder location?


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Network Failure - Network name cannot be found - by outofyourhead - 08-11-2016, 01:34 AM

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