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Use internal DACs
(09-22-2016, 03:06 AM)alexp2015 Wrote: Hi,

Any chance you could add access of hi-res internal DACs in the manner of Poweramp?
There's a huge market for that, since most Snapdragon processors have pretty good DACs, and recently a rather large number of phone models have started to add high-quality hi-res internal DACs.
I recently switched to a ZTE Axon 7 phone with the AK4490 internal DAC - see

Currently only Poweramp and a very limited few stock applications offer direct access to *some of* these DACs; otherwise most apps [including,currently, UAPP] use android's OpenSL ES, which severely limits the sound to 16bit 48khz.


If there is documentation on how to access it, sure. But I don't think there is.

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