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32b384K & UAPP's Bit-Perfect option
I'd like to immediately state this post is not about any possible issue with UAPP, rather a request for support with my humble investigation...

I came across a great array of test media based on one recording session and the resulting track was then copied in various resolutions and formats (PCM / DSD).
Using UAPP's bit-perfect option and Chord's Mojo as ext. DAC, I am able to play all formats, including DSD256, with Mojo's appropriate resolution color for each different PCM resolution and for DSD.

All except one: a 32b384K 24Mbps file.

With UAPP & Bit-perfect checked, UAPP sends the data to the Mojo but there is no audible output.
With UAPP & Bit-perfect unchecked, there is proper audible output.

Finally, to rule out UAPP, I tested the same file with my A&K AK320 and the DAP refused to send the data to the Mojo citing a bad-file error.
The AK320 won't play anything over 192KHz natively, but I assume it should have no problems with it as a transport.

So finally to my question: what is UAPP doing with the data when "Bit-perfect" is unchecked... down-sampling the data?   Huh   Mojo claims to be able to deal with up to 32b768K resolution via USB (44-768KHz PCM & DSD 64/128/256 via DoP).

Thank you in advance for any info / assumptions you might have on the topic! Cool
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