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Thoughts and experiences about latency
What's your audio interface and tab?

I have Focusrite Scarlett (1st generation) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 New Edition.

It seems my lowest working/reliable latency is 512 frames, below that I'm dealing with clicks/pops. It's a shame, I REALLY love my Samsung tab but that latency is a bit downer..

512 for software monitoring is just too high, Scarlett has direct monitoring option but it's a bit restraining. I'm used to software monitoring, even my old iPad2 is capable of software monitoring with 128 samples. My point is not to rant and be negative, just gathering opinions here.

I really like AEM as a mobile DAW!!! I'm using it as tool to gather/test ideas, my only concerns are latency and the possibility (is there?) to use some kind of amp modelling for DI bass and guitar.

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Thoughts and experiences about latency - by Finnish - 12-14-2016, 08:39 PM

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