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Hidden access to settings
(12-28-2016, 07:13 PM)Sedoy Wrote: Hello,
I have bought this Android App to use in my Media Player  HiMedia Q10 PRO device to have best possible quality of sound and found that in this app doesn't shown Settings and speaker icons in the top right corner (pls. see picture). In this case, I don't have an access to these items for agjustment and sets. I have tried to re-instal this App from Google Play, but without success.
Could somebody help me with this issue.
Device: HiMedia Q10 PRO
Android OS: 7.0
CPU: HiSilicon HI3798CV200 ARM Cortex A53 
GPU: ARM Mali-T720
App version: 3.3.6

Thanks in advance

In my APP it's looks like this:

Just purchased UAPP today, i also use Himedia pro 10 but still on android 5.1 and use firmware HMD-1.0.9. paired with external Breeze Audio DAC + Xmos USB.
So far everything goes fine, setting icon and volume present.
Tried to plays various format DSD (64,128,256), SACD iso files and works well.
Pass through, Bit perfect, Dop even Native mode also works charmly without stuttering.
NAS and LAN connection also works.
But got once "javascript runtime error" immediately after start UAPP.

Sedoy, i suggest you to update with latest firmware on android 7 if still have a problem, just down grade to Android 5.1 and install hmd 1.0.9.
But if you succed with newest firmware please give confirmation here.

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