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Settings for MF V-Dac II (24bit)
(03-19-2017, 11:03 PM)ottone82 Wrote: Hi, I would like to have a suggestion about the best setting of the app for my DAC MF V-DAC II with Tidal lossless music (16bit 44100hz). 
With USB connection my DAC only support 24 bit source. I suppose that's the reason why I can't select "Bit-Perfect (USB Audio)" option. So, how can I be sure to have the maximum result and to avoid resampling/equalization or others? My wish is just to add the missing bit with no other modification. Thank you in advance for your help

Hi, there’s a type-B USB input that connects to your computer. The asynchronous USB design plays files up to 24-bit/192kHz, too. Just have a look into the menu of Audio Player in order to check if all settings are correct: Upsampling: NO, BitPerfect: YES
Cheers, Rolf

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