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UpnP service
Hi! bravo!, and thanks for the continuous development of USB Audio player PRO.

However, the latest update (3.6.9) makes the renderer feature unusable on UAPP remotely by using an UpnP / DLNA application such as BubbleUpnP, MediaMonkey, Neutron, and others.
It happens often that by sending a new song the playback stops and you have to go to press the play button on the device, but much more frequently you need to restart the USB Audio player PRO which otherwise stays silent. The queue updates, but the title above the progress bar no, and the progress bar is all orange, and pressing play on the player gives you instant stop switching.
The manner in which the inconvenience happens is varied, and it is difficult for me to explain it.
I think if you use a remote device via wifi, and you will frequently change track, it will happen to you as well.
Another mistake occurs when a track is playing and the same track is added in the queue (immediately next and only once). The song will be added infinitely, and then performed infinitely.
By interrupting this loop by sending a different track to replace the queue, it is likely that the device will be blocked.
When "item tap action: enqueue tapped item" is set on the remote device (BubbleUpnP), and you send a direct play track by replacing the existing playlist, it happens that USB Audio Player PRO puts it as the last item of the playback queue instead of play it right away.

I think when USB Audio player PRO acts as an UpnP renderer, it should not transpose the remote device's playlist, but only receive the flow of the current running song. Especially because it is a useless performance since the way playlist compilation is performed remotely.

I hope you can fix USB Audio player PRO early because remote playback is for me indispensable.

Thank you. Bye.

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