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Android Latency evolution...
Hi to the devs...

I found this. Sure you already saw that stuff!!

Some updates on low latency audio for Android.

New high performance audio documentation:
Code samples:

Google I/O 2017 talk
Optimising recording and playback latency:
Introduction to AAudio:

AAudio is a new C API. It is designed for high-performance audio applications that require low latency. It is currently in the Android O developer preview and not ready for production use.

Does it seems good news???

Subsidiary, Will it be possible, one day, to work with virtual instr. in AEM as VSTlike?

Thank you. I'm working on composing with your app in "tandem" with Caustic. Just great how complementary both are!!
Denis Tercier
Android user (Galaxy Tab S3), CME XKey 25, Irig Pro DUO

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