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Android Latency evolution...
(10-19-2017, 10:26 AM)dwrae Wrote: AAudio currently does not add anything to OpenSLES. It still depends on the manufacturer whether you get low latency or not. Working with virtual instruments in AEM has been possible for many years now using a USB audio interface with our USB audio driver. And without for selected models when you choose the right combination of sample rate and buffer size (Nexus devices and for example the S6, S7 and probably many others).

We will implement support for AAudio though.


It's because I have some Issue using OpenSLES on my Tablet (Galaxy Tab S3). When I use this mode whith sound routed to my headphones (plugged in the tablett), the sound (especially the high ends of the soundspectrum) comes out of the bottom speakers of the device AS WELL (Notice that this device has 4 speakers). There is a solution for using OpenSLES on AEM without this problem by using an audio interface monitoring, but not for Caustic which I use a lot or FL studio mobile. This is the reason why I post this question.


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