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Would it work with the juno ds daw?
(07-20-2018, 10:12 AM)dwrae Wrote: Well, I had one for testing here and I could not entirely get rid of the CHinese interface of the Xiaomi. There are plenty of devices out there though like Sony and LG.

Tested the junods88 audio interface.
when setting the keyboard usb interface to vendor ( audio + midi ) ae detects both midi and audio but soon after the keyboard locks up.

when setting the keyboard as generic, ae detects midi, which works well, except a second keyboard plugged to the juno via midi doesn't come through to ae.

I'll get a proper dedicated audio interface soon, which leads to a question: with a dedicated audio interface, does ae support recording midi and audio simultaneously?

out of curiosity with the xiaomi mi mix2s, can you remember if you had particular issues in ae?
and regarding the huawei p20pro, did you encounter specific issues? reason is I'm going to need a mobile with large battery and very good camera and the p20pro fit the bill

cheers, happy Saturday

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