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Android TV Compatibility
(07-28-2018, 11:31 AM)dwrae Wrote: If you have an Android phone or tablet and purchase it on there, we can send you the full apk. As long as you have the Play Store on the TV box and use the same account then that should work.

My experience is slightly different: I first installed it on one device using the Google Play Sore and paid the license accordingly. Later I used the APK to install it on a second device running with the same Google account. It started the application just right on that second device but when trying to actually play a track it came up with a message that it was not activated  with refusing to play as the result. So I removed the APP again and re-installed it next using Google Play Store once more. This time it ran just fine.

My conclusion: yes one can use the license on multiple boxes (media players in my case) but these must be installed using the procedure on the Google Play Store. This can be a problem for Android TV and Media Players as not all implementations do support access to the store even with a running Google Account (which always works).

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