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Android TV Compatibility
(07-28-2018, 11:31 AM)dwrae Wrote: If you have an Android phone or tablet and purchase it on there, we can send you the full apk. As long as you have the Play Store on the TV box and use the same account then that should work.

So I dug up my old android phone and bought UAPP, transfered the apk to my nvidia shield tv and set the app up to act as a upnp-renderer to be controlled from my tablet. So far that is working good, I was even able to buy the mqa-licence directly from my shield tv. As expected, when I power on my usb dac the app starts automatically (which is good, since UAPP doesn't appear on the android tv home screen as it is not an android tv app). What is a little annoying, though, I get 2 alerts every time the app starts: the changelog and a warning telling me about the bandwidth use of tidal on a mobile network. The second message appears, because my shield tv is not on wifi but hooked up via ethernet cable and UAPP thinks, if its not on wifi, it must be mobile. Is it possible to disable these messages?

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