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Best settings for Chord Hugo 2 / LG G5 + B&O
I am using an Android phone (LG G5) with UAPP into an Chord Hugo 2 DAC and just want to confirm I have the settings for optimum sound quality.

In settings I have selected following:
Internal Audio Driver->original android driver
Usb audio->bit perfect mode
Usb volume control->none
Usb audio tweaks:
Bus speed-> high speed (usb 2.0)
Buffer size->100 milliseconds

Are these the best settings or should I use some usb tweak like usb tweak 2 for USB2 DACS or tweak for devices with root access? Should I use higher buffer size or other than "high speed" setting on bus speed?

How about same question with my LG G5 connected to B&O hifi DAC? Are the best settings for Hugo 2 optimal for B&O hifi DAC as well?

Many thanks for any guidance:)

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Best settings for Chord Hugo 2 / LG G5 + B&O - by MikkoV - 09-08-2018, 07:08 PM

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