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Pre-Purchase Questions/Recommendations for Samsung G7-Based DAW
Dear Forum Members,
Would you mind making time to read my post and offer recommendations?
I currently run a personal DAW studio (PC Windows, E-MU interface, n-Track, Sony Acid, all needed external mic and line in interfaces, mixers, mics, effects racks). I mention this so you know I am not a newbie.
I hae researched and am planning on purchasing Audio Evolution Mobile, a USB Audio/MIDI interface, and the necessary cable(s) to run from the USB Interface to my Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone for a mobile studio personal use.
I would like recommendations on what to purchase for this setup, as most of this is new to me, and I do not want to purchase an incompatible or incomplete setup.
Here are my current needs/specifications:
PHONE (what I have):
-        Samsung Galaxy G7 SM-G930V
-        Android Version 8.0.0 with latest updates (as of 10-3-18)
USB AUDIO/MIDI Interface (specifications and what I need it to do)
-        on average, I will be using one XLR or line in or MIDI input at a time, HOWEVER, it would be great if I could had the option to use a maximum of any two of the three input types simultaneously
-        need one to two XLR inputs with phantom power (I have some hi-end studio mics)
-        need one to two line ins for guitar input (balanced?)
-        need one to two MIDI ins for Moog and other control device (thru is not important because this will be the terminus in the chain)
-        need the ability to record two to four channels simultaneously using Audio Evolution Mobile
-        need the ability to playback a minimum of two channels (stereo mix) during monitoring or mastering or pressing.
-        exernal AC power is acceptable
CABLES (I need help on this one):
-        depends on the USB Audio/Midi Interface I purchase
-        depends on the USB port of my Samsung Galaxy G7 phone
-        I haven’t a clue on the type and number of cables and adapters I will need to connect the phone to this type of setup…I have all cables needed to go from the field to the USB Audio/MIDI interface
-        I know how to download and purchase the app
-        Are there any other support libraries, plug-ins, utilities, sounds, virtual instruments, etc. that are available that are a must have for mobile mini studio DAW use?
-        I use an external bluetooth logitch keyboard and mouse with my Galaxy G7 phone (mostly for programming), so I plan to use those same devices to interface and control Audio Evolution during recording and mixdown…does anyone see a problem with that expectation?
-        In my home studio setup, I have an external DAW control unit that I mount on a mic stand to wirelessly control Sony Acid during recording (when I play guitar). Does anyone know of such a device that is available to control the Audio Evolution DAW (usually has such features as play, record, a large wheel to turn time forward and back, loop, etc)
Thank you Forum Members, in advance, for your assistance. It is GREATLY appreciated.  And, maybe someone else will benefit from this input.

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