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Support for high end Android Media Players with Internal or External DAC
Big Grin 
Could you consider adding specific support for high end Media Players? A high end media player is one with a specialized SOC for video processing and running proprietary players for Video, Music and Pictures next to running KODI derivations as cheap media players do. This will open up a new and increasing market for you too.  Biggrin  

As a  start got your myself a license and installed it on my Egreat A11 (Hisillicon SOC based) and Zidoo Z9S (Realtek RTD 1296DD SOC based). The APP works as designed on both platforms without a hitch.  Rolleyes
Did so connecting an external USB DAC which is DIY as a kit but with a quality build and usiing the SABRE ESS9038 PRO DAC as the basis. The combination works as designed and is supporting all audio formats including DSD correctly. It just sounds great. Biggrin

My experiences are reported here:
The only problem seen is that using the DAC via USB won't stick in settings. Each time your APP is started I get the same question asked again despite selecting the flag to make this choice permanent/stick.

What XSD could do:
1) Change the UI interaction to enable practical support for using a standard IR remote control. Now it is not practical to use these.
2) Change the UI to deal with big screens and above all landscape oriented displays
3) Next to standard Android driver support facilitating RAW output (identical to USB) via HDMI. It will then enable HQ frame-rates and 24-bit/32-bit lengths via HDMI and next the AMP attached. No need for external DAC's if happy with the one build-in to the HT-AMP. The Music Players on both Egreat and Zidoo have this enabled in recent FW versions, so it can be done for sure.
Also using an external AMP via HDMI facilitates playing Multi Channel Audio via a HT-AMP. DTS-CD and MCH SACD sound amazing well with some recordings.
4) Get an agreement with those manufacturers to bundle your APP (or customized versions of it).

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