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Android Specs for Audio Evolution Mobile 4.8.2
Hello. I have been using Audio Evolution Mobile for Android for approximately 4 years. 

My device of choice was initially a Samsung Galaxy S4, interfaced through a Behringer Q502USB mixer via a micro USB OTG cable. It was satisfactory, though the connection could easily be disrupted if the OTG cable was moved due to poor charging port design on the Samsung S4. 

I then migrated to the Google Pixel phone, using the included USB-C/USB OTG adapter to the same Behringer Q502USB mixer. For two years it has been incredibly reliable and stable.

Now, due to poor eyesight and age, I am considering moving to an Android tablet for an easier time recording. 

What minimum specs should I be considering on the tablet to assure continued reliability? I know there is a Supported Android Device list, but with so many legacy devices on the list, it is not effective for a device search.


Thanks in advance for any input on my question!

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Android Specs for Audio Evolution Mobile 4.8.2 - by Meanderland - 11-14-2018, 05:56 PM

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