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DSD 'glitches' and lack of gapless playback
I have a Samsung A5 (2017) connected to Chord Mojo DAC and this software has been a revelation.  It works brilliantly with the Chord MOjo for Flac files including hi resolution files.  It will play DSD files successfully, however, there are a couple of recurring issues.  Firstly, at the beginning of each track, and occasionally within a track 'glitches' / noise is heard.  Secondly, DSD files aren't played back gapless and of course as mentioned here, there is always a glitch / noise between tracks.  I'm using the DOP mode for DSD playback.

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DSD 'glitches' and lack of gapless playback - by kaledi - 11-28-2018, 01:06 PM

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