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Please add real-time DSP conversion for PCM => DSD
Thanks for the quick and open answer, it is highly appreciated. Not total surprised but a bit disappointed yes. I wonder then if it is an Onkyo private algorithm being used? It is highly CPU intensive for sure.

Must say I never heard before using that APP of the existence of a real-time conversion of PCM => DSD. Found a batch mode program here (did not try myself)
But for anyone who wants to give it a try " PCM => DSD conversion it is very surprising and rewarding" at least with state-of-the-art DSD capable DAC's. I see similar reports on various places. DSD appears to be getting a second life.

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RE: Please add real-time DSP conversion for PCM => DSD - by Nice Monkey - 12-22-2018, 03:00 AM

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