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Live soundfont player
Hi All
I am trying to build an AEM Android based soundfont player that would be useable for live MIDI keyboard playing.
Current setup uses Samsung G5 + USB Midiman i/f and generic USB audio adapter.

1.Low latency:
    Currently about 10-20 ms and noticeable compared with a h/w MIDI module.
2.Ease of use:
     Currently use touch screen to change sounds but would prefer a mechanical switch. 
     How are keyboard shortcuts accessed? I've searched menus but can't find references?
     Also would like AEM to auto load last project/screen rather than touching screen >10 times to achieve this.
     I've disabled/removed as many apps as possible, set to airplane mode.
     Have noticed chorus fx glitches. This may be due to cpu clock frequency changing. Will experiment with switching power saving modes off.

Any thoughts/ suggestions for improvements most welcome.

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