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Playlists Problem
(05-22-2019, 02:32 PM)John905 Wrote: Hello, I just started using UAPP and all is good apart from a problem getting playlists to work. The titles of the playlists show up fine, but when I select one I receive a message asking if I want to convert to a UAPP playlist for faster access access. Whatever option I choose I end up with a blank screen and no content to the playlist. The playlists were originally within a Playlists folder within my music folder. As I say, the titles of the playlists showed up fine. I have tried copying the playlists to the UAPP Playlist folder with exactly the same results. My playlists were imported from JRiver in m3u8 format and work fine with Poweramp. Has anyone any idea what could be wrong?
 Hi John/Admins, 
I have exactly the same situation. I also newbie with UAPP and just bought it to check if it better than PowerAmp. Just trying to make sure I squeeze the maximum from my LG V30+ ;)
Previously, I also using PowerAmp and m3u8 playlists (with 8 b/c it can recognize the Korean language) which I was uploaded with MusicBee sync to Android.

With sound quality, I'm fine for now on UAPP but I want to organize my music library too.
Could you please help me if you figure out already or administrators here with this:
1. How import playlist from PC so it can be recognizable?
    How UAPP work with them and which extension would be better?
    Probably advice where they needed to be because every other player works with them as it is.
2. Does UAPP support tags? In what I'm interested in..
    2.1 Where I can find lyrics?
    2.2 Where I can find ratings?

I luv to hear quality sound but also I want to not have a headache in order to find that melody ;-)

Thank you!

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