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Playlists Problem
Hi dwrae,

Thank you for the response!

Not sure if I fully understand the idea of playlist paths and definitely don't have a guess what 'magic' is going on when you sync your music library and it works on a phone because in every case the path's will change (at least a root folder) but music folder structure doesn't (if you are not doing it manually).

 Don't know how to fix it so tell in more details my case, and hope maybe you will have a bit of advice)))

So I have a MusicBee music library on PC.
E:\Music\Music\   (and  E:\Music\Audiobooks\   or  E:\Music\Video\ )
with folder structure like <Album Artist>\<Album>\<Disc-Track#> <Title>
Playlist is in e:\Music\Playlists\

I sync my music (selected genre, artists, playlist etc) via MusicBee on my phone in Internal Storage\Music\ and Internal Storage\Playlists with the same folder structure.

My playlist works only with PowerAmp and cannot find tracks on standard  LG's music player or UAPP.
In the case with PowerAmp I must explicitly choose M3U8 playlist so it can recognize korean tracks but still english names were in it. UAPP can't see anything except blank pls files
I tried manual scan, full scan, copied playlist in music folder, try sync with different extension but it fails every time

Will appreciate any advice! 
Love how UAPP sounds but without prepared playlists and poor navigation it hard to use it so overall loses many points.
Thank you!

P.S: are you planning to upgrade the app with lyrics/rating support and maybe UI changes?

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