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Playlists Problem
The lines of the playlist look like:

\Music\박효신\Goodbye\1-1 - Goodbye.mp3
\Music\태민\WANT - The 2nd Mini Album\1 - Want.mp3
\Music\소녀시대\소원을 말해봐\1 - 소원을 말해봐 Genie.flac

Apologise about my comment on 'navigation'. I didn't think well. You have a great product and totally not deserve it, but it basically (!)why I said it, - you just too good to have such an ..outdated UI ..It's good works ..everyone has more or less the same. Basically "not great, not terrible" type of situation, and I just thought you'd be much-much better with more advanced UI!!!
That's what separates MacOS from Windows and just think where would be Apple without their design and style? (..and they have a media sync!;) )
That's was my reaction and motive.
I'm not an expert in GUI but I'd like you to go in direction of gestures. In a time when all have big displays to point fingers and small word in an upper right corner when you (most of a time) walk with one hand is quite difficult. I am fond of PowerAmp v3 navigation.

You can have both - rating based on stars or likes. Create option in settings where users can choose what he prefers or disable it at all. I personally use ratings ofter because I discover artists and songs and can't remember often every song so create manual and automatic playlists based on ratings.
1 rating I mark to delete(because of the sync I cannot delete on a phone, not 2-way sync yet);
2-3- listen again;
5-best + mark 'Love' from LastFM))
But It depends on a Artist and so on.. Not every song you can admire at first, some I must to check a couple of times to truly appreciate it. Give every time a benefit of a doubt.

Lyrics. First of all, - always and everything must be embedded in a song file! No separate lyrics and folder for lyrics! Sync or not - it depends on how you can deliver it. Sync lyrics often has timestamps, headers above and below and if you want just to check them or somehow it not picking up sync it interferes and we have not clear look. Spotify/Tidal/etc is online service so they can afford sync lyrics)

Please, advice on playlist code?
Thank you!

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