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Pixel 3 USB-C adapter DAC support ?
Hey guys,

I recently got a Pixel 3, that is delivered with both a USB-C to jack adapter and USB-C earbuds.

The earbuds work flawlessly with uapp, with USB audio.
But the adapter doesn't seem to work in USB audio at all, it works only in normal Android mode.

It's detected and initialized correctly, but there is no sound and the music doesn't seem to be scrolling at the correct speed.
I tried all the different USB audio options, nothing works.

Is this adapter unsupported by the custom driver uapp uses? And isn't the DAC inside the earbuds the same as the one in the adapter?
Searched everywhere online, but couldn't find any answer.

Thanks ;)

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Pixel 3 USB-C adapter DAC support ? - by JayBee - 11-18-2019, 05:58 AM

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