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Pixel 3 USB-C adapter DAC support ?
(11-20-2019, 01:37 PM)dwrae Wrote: Can you please try setting the 'Bus speed' in the USB audio tweaks to 'Full speed (USB1.1)', exit the app, disconnect the adapter, attach it and try again?
Thanks, indeed I can ear the music in USB full speed now Biggrin
But sadly it's very bad, there are lot of clicks that change with the volume of the music, and are very regular.
I tried many other tweaks and options, but I can't find anything that fixes it  Undecided

My guess is that the adapter is either USB2.0 or 3.0, but is just incorrectly recognized/initialized by the drivers?
After many tests, no matter what I change I always get the same result, permanent clicking sound.
Also, still can't figure out why the google earbuds work perfectly, since it seems to have a very similar DAC.

Edit2: it seems like the clicking problem is only present with 44.1kHz musics (16 or 24 bits doesn't matter), but not with higher frequencies downscaled to 44.1kHz (the DAC supports only 44.1kHz/24bits max). This is weird, if downscaled musics work, native 44.1kHz should also work... :/

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