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selecting Artist populates Queue incorrectly
If I'm in Library view on Artists tab, and I select an Artist that is on a compilation album, then All songs by All artists from the compilation album are placed in the Queue. This seems wrong - I would expect that only songs from the Artist that I selected would be placed in the Queue.
For example, if I have 1 Donovan Frankenreiter song in my Library, on an album called Mix Album 008, which has 3 other songs by different artists, and I go to the Library\Artists and click on the 3 dots at right of Donovan Frankenreiter and select Add To Queue, I should just get the 1 Frankenreiter song in my queue. But I end up getting 4 songs in my queue (all 4 songs from Mix Album 008, including Frankenreiter plus the other 3 artists).
Can this be fixed?
Or am I doing something wrong (or is there a workaround)?

USB Audio Player Pro v5.3.1 on Samsung S10

p.s. - LUV your App - awesome sound quality!!!

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selecting Artist populates Queue incorrectly - by jeff.perkins - 12-07-2019, 01:00 AM

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