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iRig UA playback
Just bought AEM and love it, however I'm having issues. I am using a Nexus 9 tablet and the iRigĀ UA. First, I launch the Amplitude software for my iRig to get the right sound, then I launch Audio Evolution Mobile.

Next, I import a backing track mp3. When I play it, it sounds fine and I can hear the mp3 and my guitar through the iRig headphone jack. The problem occurs when I hit record to lay down a new track. The playback of the mp3 sounds all distorted and choppy, while my guitar sounds fine during recording. In other words, it's hard to make out the non-armed tracks since they sound very distorted and choppy while recording. However, when done recording and I hit play, everything sounds fine, so it recorded properly.

I can't figure out how to be able to record multiple tracks while being able to hear the non-armed tracks cleanly. Needless to say, this makes recording very difficult.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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