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No Native DSD Only (DSD to PCM) White Noise
UAPP is not sending any DSD to my USB DAC from my LG K20 V (a.k.a.  LG VS501).  It's Android 7.0.
When I set UAPP to "Native DSD" (and all set to bitperfect) all I get is extremely loud "white noise" (or "Pink noise") which is that static hiss sound like someone saying an endless "Shhhhhhhh" continuously real loud.

But UAPP is doing a great job sending very high res *.FLAC files.
But the only way I can hear a bitperfect native DSD file (even DSD64) is to set UAPP to convert DSD to PCM.  It does that well and sounds good but I bought UAPP for the sole purpose of transferring bitperfect native DSD512 to my USB DAC.

I do have a legit OTG cable and the end labeled "host" is plugged into my phone.
The USB DAC definitely accepts bitperfect native DSD512 and it even displays 512 when I send it a DSD512 from a different source than my phone.  The USB DAC displays the exact resolution that it is receiving.

Your help suggestions is greatly appreciated

Kind thanks,

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No Native DSD Only (DSD to PCM) White Noise - by eddiegnz1 - 03-11-2020, 05:29 PM

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