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No Native DSD Only (DSD to PCM) White Noise
(03-11-2020, 08:21 PM)eddiegnz1 Wrote: it is fixed.  The problem is that when you have "Native DSD" turned on, you must turn off the "bitperfect" in all 3 of the places where UAPP allows you to turn OFF "bitperfect".  Now my USB DAC confirms that indeed it is receiving the "Native DSD".  It now plays DSD512 perfectly.  Users should be aware that in the "Native DSD" mode, the app does not allow adjustment of the volume so you must have a means to control the volume outside of the phone...which I do so I LOVE LOVE UAPP.

I had the same problem, but this fix didn't work for me (and I never found the 3rd place to turn off bit prefect anyway). So I started a new thread which quickly elicited a different solution which did work for me. See:

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