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Playing my Foobar2000 HighRes stream?
My server is on my home PC and yes i can connect to it with the Foobar mobile app and with Poweramp app.

when i try to play it on UAPP it says "No Active Track!"
Im adding this to "other radio stations" list right?

I can access the UPnP server and browse and play my files, (although with no Album art (they are just all called Front.jpg or .png)) but this is only on the local network and i cant access this externally. I just set up a stream of whatever is playing and when i go out i connect to this via mobile data.

my streaming profile is set to "No Transcoding to MP3"
its set to WAV - 96k - 24bit "playback stream capture"


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RE: Playing my Foobar2000 HighRes stream? - by UK_SPAWN - 08-02-2020, 06:57 PM

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