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Lost samples during long recordings
(08-06-2015, 05:41 PM)dwrae Wrote: That sounds like a bug. We'll test it with a sine wave. The app must split files because there is a 2GB limit.
I am not sure what you mean by 'having option to record lossless audio'. AEM always records lossless in the appropriate WAV format matching the resolution of the (USB) audio stream.

Thank you for the answer!

Files are splitted by 1 GB, not 2 GB. 2Gb are way much better.
Lossless audio means FLAC, WavPach etc.
If I record several tracks mono 24 bit FLAC or WavPack to non-splitted 2 GB file - we have about 8+hours of nonstop recording. That's quite enough for any concert :) 1GB files= ~4 hours of FLAC or WavPack, also great.
Mono 24 bit 48kHz WAV 1 GB is about 2 hour only.

To clarify.
I compared the files recorded in AE with files recorded by ZOOM (the same performance of course) - that's why I have noticed the lost samples. I have the same problem with my notebook, sometimes there are a few glitches during recording, but they appear just by chance, with no visible reasons.
With AE and LG my recordings are free of any glitches at all. I have lost samples only in case when AE splits the files. Otherwise AE is solid stable.

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