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Lost samples during long recordings
(09-18-2015, 11:45 AM)gryaznoff Wrote: Great news, thank you!

I've done a test using a stereo USB interface where I split files every 1MB (to speed up testing) and the files are correct when I inspect them in Audacity. They do not display correctly though in AEM, but that doesn't affect the sound (it also plays correctly).
Considering that the code always writes full blocks/buffers of data, the only thing that I can imagine going wrong is when you record a lot of channels with high sample rate simultaneously. Then, the system may have trouble closing and creating new files on the fly and the app may miss an entire block of data. This should be visible as not a few samples lost, but a second or so.

To decrease the chance of this happening, you could increase the 'Playback disk buffer size' in the app's preferences. Actually, the text 'Playback' in this case is wrong, since it is also the disk buffer size for recording (we'll fix that).

In the next version, we'll increase the split point to near 2 GB and you will be able to record in flac, both decreasing the chances that split is necessary.

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